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Research Interests

Philology; paleography; medieval languages (French, Occitan, German,  English, Dutch); courtly literature: the songs of the trouvères, troubadours and minnesänger; linguistics; electronic text analysis; all aspects of the hypertext; lexicography.


Published / Unpublished Papers

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Digital text projects

Translation: ihs translations

(20 years of experience)

  • Certified Translator  Dutch to English
  • Certified Translator  English to Dutch
  • Certified Translator  French to English
  • Certified Translator  German to English

Areas of expertise:

  • Academic (books, articles, papers, abstracts, critiques)
  • Literary texts
  • International affairs, intelligence
  • Tourism
  • Legal documents
  • Academic transcripts
  • Immigration documents
  • Driver's licences, birth certificates
  • General
  • Editing / Proofreading

Last updated: October 2010